Thursday, July 30, 2015

A stunning 1075 Sq Ft debt free home that looks like a million bucks!

When visionaries predicted that passenger and luxury cars would run on diesel, the average guy laughed. Just over a decade has passed and we are past diesel and into mainstream electric cars already.

Anyway you look at it, mankind is getting wiser, albeit in certain areas. Frugality seems to be the new way of life with folks and this time, housing seems to be getting saner. Really.

Take a look at this house;

Containers of Hope, is a 1075 Sq ft residence built by joining two 40-foot-long shipping containers. Exterior View Pic.

Now sample this story as it appears on Dwell;

Gabriela Calvo and Marca Peralta had a dream: to live debt-free on their property near San Jose, Costa Rica, surrounded by their horses and the natural landscape.

The couple considered building with shipping containers—but were terrified of living inside a tin can. They presented their conundrum to architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe, who cleverly transformed two austere, 40-foot-long metal boxes into a home. 

The strikingly simple residence, named Containers of Hope, covers 1,075 square feet and cost just $40,000.
In developing the design, Saxe focused on rethinking comfort in a compact space. “The key factor was cost, which allowed them to take the risk without putting everything on the line,” Saxe says. “Once they realized size wasn’t what gave them happiness—location was more important—it was easy to move forward.”

Some more views of the home that costed 'less than the price of social housing provided for the country’s poorest residents'; 

Interior living space and wooden floors

Living room with kitchen

Bathroom views

Another exterior view with foundation piers more prominent
Well Gabriela and Marca, if the need to be debt free can create such living spaces; for prices lesser than the cheapest housing around, a future trend in housing shall owe a lot to you guys.

We would take one any day. Home or office. Yeah!

The @IREFD Team

All pics courtesy Architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe


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