Thursday, May 28, 2015

Real Estate not selling? You should not be surprised.

In India, the time tested flowchart for human needs is a mere three word system. Roti - Kapdaa - Makaan. (Food - Clothing - Shelter)

While we fight for net neutrality, reduction in loan interest rates, a real estate regulatory bill and the kitchen sink, let us take a quick look at how we have conquered hunger as a nation.

Under nourished population in India - 1990 to 1992

25 years ago, India's under nourished population was at 23.7% - in the 15 to 30% orange band. Map Source

Under nourished population in India - 2014 to 2016

Today, while most of the world has changed color towards the better, over 15% Indians still remain HUNGRY! Map Source

Progress report for the last 25 years

While most of the world has achieved it's nourishment target, India is on er, 'slow progress' mode.

Take away

- Almost 1 out of every 5 Indian resident is under nourished, hungry and probably starving to death.

- Even after 25 years of India dining, reclining and shining, over 15% of our population remains hungry. :(

- In the Roti - Kapdaa - Makaan flowchart, we have not fixed the first parameter yet. The third will take time. Plus, we are a 'slow progress' nation.

- If you are an over traded/ leveraged real estate builder dreading notices from banks, investors and buyers, have a hearty meal. It clearly means a lot even today.

- If you are on the lookout to buy a property and cannot afford it, have a hearty meal. For once, let there be more fruits on your plate than in your shampoo. Celebrate the moment.

- Teach your children not to waste food. If they don't like whats made at home, let them go hungry for a couple of days. That should straighten things up nicely. And you are doing them a big favour.

- While conversing with yourself in between stressful fund raising meetings (most of which will result in zilch for the next two years), use this perspective.

The @IREFD Team

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  2. Startling facts but a much needed compilation to awaken us from our slumber. Truly some food for thought for all those who talk about upliftment and empowerment but do not know how to initiate it - start from the basics - take one step at a time towards reducing the number of people who starve to death. Know more information -

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  4. Fact.. but need action on it. As a nation, India needs to change its legislation. the whole scenario changed from 1947 to 2015. Need an immediate and effective birth control in India applicable to each and very Indian citizen. Need to bring agriculture fully under government control. Need to bring public rationing under strict vigilance and make sure that subsidized rations are reaching only to the deserved groups. All reservations must be based on financial status. Not by else. At least 35% of total Indian revenue should go to its common population to make their living standard up, for coming 10 years.

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