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The Top 5 Property Portals of India - 2015. Here is our list. (Again)

Question: Which are the Top 5 Property Portals in India right now?

Answer: Here is that list;

1. Magicbricks (
2. Commonfloor (
3. 99acres (
4. Indiaproperty (
5. Housing (

Note: Changes in the Top 5 list from the IREFD Top 5 Indian Real Estate Portals (2013)

#1. Magicbricks Rank in 2013 - #1 (No Change)
#2. Commonfloor Rank in 2013 - #3 (Up 1 Position)
#3. 99acres Rank in 2013 - #2 (Down 1 Position)
#4. Indiaproperty Rank in 2013 - #5 (Up 1 Position)
#5. Housing Rank in 2013 - #4 (Down 1 Position)

Sadly, no new entrant into the top five list this year.

Next IREFD Top 5 Indian Property Portals List ~ April 2016


The IREFD Team

How were the Top 5 Property Portals of India (2015) selected?

The selection was done in the following manner;

#1. Alexa Traffic Rank Study

Alexa Traffic Ranks and Bounce Rates of Indian Property Portals as on 03 April, 2015
A traffic rank check on Alexa resulted in the above shown global and Indian ranks for the property portals. 99acres is #1 in terms of the Alexa traffic ranking system. came in at 5th position. A 19.5% bounce rate shows that visitors to are staying back to explore all the new tech and categories more than on any other Indian property website today.

#2. MOZ Rank

For the 2015 Top 5 Indian Property Portals List, we used the MOZ Domain Authority Values as on 03 April, 2015
On comparing the websites using the Open Site Explorer Tool from Moz, Magicbricks emerged as the clear leader in terms of established domain authority, Moz Rank and Moz Trust. Indiaproperty is in second place here (giving them a big advantage in the overall ranking) followed by 99acres and Housing, both of them having domain authority figures of 50. Commonfloor is in second place with MozRank, telling us that they are the folks to look out for in the year ahead.

#3. Past 6 Months Traffic Analysis

When it comes to website traffic estimation, Similarweb is a service you cannot go wrong with. Here are the monthly visitors figures for all the 5 Indian property portals in one simple chart;

Estimated monthly visits/ pageviews stats - Top 5 Indian property portals - as on 03 April, 2015.
Magicbricks leads the pack here, averaging over 5 Million pageviews per month and reaching 7.5 Million pageviews in February 2015! Commonfloor with that green line is at a steady #2 position averaging just over 4 Million monthly pageviews/ visits. 99acres actually trails behind Commonfloor this whole while, bringing it down to overall #3 position in the final IREFD ranking.

The surprise here is Indiaproperty (orange line), starting with a monthly traffic of under 3 Million/ month in September 2014 and reaching close to 6 Million monthly visits in January 2015. Commendable. Housing trails with monthly visits rising from 1 Million to about 2 Million over the last 6 months.

#4. Look, feel and homepage

First impressions are important in India's changing real estate market. The new age home buyer is informed and in many cases, cautious. Which of these property portals have the best landing page and browsing experience? Last time around, we thought Housing was revolutionary and their approach to a property search was spot on. This time, every Indian real estate portal looks somewhat the same when you land on that homepage proving us right.

Among all, Commonfloor is the classiest. The way the folks at Commonfloor are seeing the realty market and its online avatar, makes a lot of long term sense. They deserve that #2 position on this list, hands down.

The home page screenshot - April 03, 2015 (click to enlarge)
Quick Review - Top 5 Indian Property Portals

#1. Magicbricks

With an Alexa India traffic rank of 142, Moz DA of 68 and a credible estimate of over 5 Million pageviews every month and rising, is the numero uno place to put your money on, if you are a builder. These folks are serious about their business and understand the need for mainstream advertising to give your real estate project, all the online mileage that money can buy.

Pros: Robust Traffic, Clear Market Leader, Quick to Adapt, Best spread of traffic sources
Cons: Some of that referral traffic and others seem low quality/ irrelevant for real estate

#2. Commonfloor

If you are a real estate builder and have to decide between a listing at 99acres and Commonfloor, you should put your money down on At least that is what we, at IREFD would do.

Pros: Steady Traffic, Forward thinking approach with long term plans like community building tools
Cons: Poor quality referral traffic, low Moz Domain Authority

#3. 99acres

99acres has a big offline brand equity and they have people in place to liaison with builders across the country. Their traffic from internet searches is pretty high. They are at #3 on this list simply because with their might and presence, they should have pushed magicbricks harder to keep that #1 slot. (They could be looking at a sea change in things but only time will tell.)

Pros: Steady Traffic, brand equity, time in market and builder relationships
Cons: 99acres seems to have slowed down considerably overall.

#4. Indiaproperty

A 100% rise in monthly traffic from under 3 Million in September 2014 to almost 6 Million in January 2015 means that these folks are serious. At one point in the last 6 months, they had more traffic than magicbricks. We would seriously keep an eye out for Indiaproperty.

Pros: 100% traffic jump in the last 6 months, new online advert networks other than Google
Cons: Low search traffic, low quality referral traffic

#5. Housing

Housing is the trendsetter for all the leading Indian property portals. Housing is serious about technology, innovation and simplicity. They are thinking up algorithms and data mining to bring you numbers, information, listing expiry logic and what not. They have also pumped in a boat load of money into advertising as we type this comparo. That should do them good in the times ahead.

Pros: The tech kings, the user interface kings, the internet surfers, the cool dudes
Cons: Being all of that does not sell real estate, yet. Plus we saw some adverts on that homepage and the twitter profiles of those testimonials need to be beefed up 10x. ;)

Parting Notes 

#1. Can we have a refreshed traffic stat without internet traffic from way2sms? It would help immensely.

#2. Nestoria and Mitula can drive substantial traffic to your real estate website.

#3. There is a difference between stuff being sold on flipkart/ amazon and real estate. In real estate, you move all your buyers to the assembly line. Its unique, isn't it? Think out of the box. When you are moving people and not merchandise, standard rules could fail.

#4. If you had a real estate listing website with the right products (which just means finding the right builder; building the right stuff) you would not have to worry about millions of pageviews every month. Maybe, a few thousand visits could help you sell a few apartments each month, for a handful of such builders and you would make more money in reality. On the internet, less is more.

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  1. It is good to read an indepth analysis of the top Real Estate Websites. However, one needs to consider the content of any product when reviewing it , which probably is missing. Rating a website based only on the traffic and cosmetic looks , is not all inclusive. Its like concluding that 'if a product is selling it has to be good', which more than often is not true. Any meaningful and serious rating should take into account the 'content on offer', and then ofcourse all the other aspects come into play. Probably, its same like box office ratings and critics awards, both have there place! All these portals are driven by big brands and VCs money and therefore are splurging on media campaigns, which drives the traffic.

    1. Thanks for liking this post. Your point of view is substantial, sir.

  2. I thought housing's Look Up Campaign might have changed something for them ;) that was one aggressive campaign.

    1. Aggressive it was. So far, the spend is close to INR 120 Crores. Over time, that could affect them positively. Our next rating will tell.

  3. Real estate Boomed for some time but now its going to dogs due the following reasons 1) Most of the Real Estate Professionals have come from a back round like they had a big ancestral properties OR others were influenced people who grabbed the lands of the poor and entered into the Real Estate Market. 2) Most of the Real Estate Agents in India dont even know how to do an E Mail 3) Most of the property websites in India are maintained by Web Developers who design a beautiful website...The owners spend a lot on TV commercials, Advertise big, hire marketing people and lure the people..CONCLUSION IS Realtors spend more than advertisements than on the actual product i.e. the house they ra selling. PEOPLE ARE NOW AWARE AND HAVE LOST FAITH IN REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS. lots of news of cheating. Even people are struggling for getting their advance money back for years. My Father passed out as Civil Engineer in 1964, master of american english (used to fill Times of India crossword in minutes) and he designed one of the circle of most planned city of India. But he had no place in today's real estate industry, remained a professor for whole life. He expired last year and we have started a portal called We are actually connected with people and not WEB DEVELOPERS. Register free

    1. Dear Rajkumarji, i am agree with what you said, but i did small survey about how Land Estate Agents believe me its not at all good ,they should so some soft skills programs.
      and how to run business at home.

  4. Cheating is definitely rampant in the Real Estate Sector. For a common buyer, more often than not the properties listed on these portals do not turn out as promised. That is a waste of our time and energy. It is much better to identify trusted builders who have made a name for themselves over the years, check out their properties online, validate authorization's (these should be available on builder's website/check with the listed bank's) and then go ahead with site visit, etc. Much better to invest with the recognized names of the industry like Ashiana, Oberoi, Unitech groups.

    1. Even Unitech doesn't have monies now.. Big builders are also doing the same..not returning the monies even if projects are delayed...

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  16. THis list is warped and not true. Speaking AS A PAID CUSTOMER OF commonfloor since 2013 till date. Commonfloor used to be good. Since 2016 they suddenly changed features in their paid packages without even intimidating subscribers.

    Now- if you use the paid service you won't be able to write your own property description. THis option has been removed. Many of us feel this destroys your own marketing pitch and fails to share vital/interesting info with the prospective customer.

    Customer support is pathetic as well. 2016- commonfloor should be the worst portal. Don't take my word for it. Its your money. Inquire before you buy!

    1. When a portal loses its popularity, there are various signs that one can read. The 2016 list of best real estate portals should be out in a couple of months. Lets see what that one says. Thanks for writing in.

    2. 2017 list is out? if yes kindly provide the link.

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