Saturday, April 11, 2015

Inked: MOU between School of Planning & Architecture and National Architecture Institute- Paris

Some pleasant news for India's real estate fraternity from Prime Minister Modi's visit to France. The PM's official twitter handle just released the link to a list of MoUs that the Indian and French have signed during this visit.

Image Source: PM Narendra Modi's Tweet
Amid a lot of things on the nuclear and economic and sports et al fronts, there is something for us real estate guys to talk about as well. An MOU between the School of Planning and Architecture- Delhi and the National Architecture Institute- Paris, France has been inked.

The MoU envisages cooperation between the Indian and French institutions to undertake joint planning and geographical studies in India and France and training of local counterparts in modern urban and regional research as well as in techniques of scientific methods in Urban and regional planning, geography, environment, building engineering and management.

Such collaborations take a while to change the architecture on the street but if you were to think about the smart cities and their urban planning challenges, this association sounds interesting to us. And maybe, this MoU and many like these should have been signed a long time ago. India needs more humane cities.

French cities? Done. Now how about some Italian cars to dot those avenues?


PM Modi's tweet below with a link to the official page of MoUs signed and some other media.


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