Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Now Wear your AC on your Wrist! Thank You.

You know what feels like heaven on a hot, sultry, Indian summer afternoon? A cold towel on the face? Yes. Dipping your feet in a cold pool or lake? Yes again. The human body works in unknown ways. Why does applying a cold towel to a small patch of your skin relieve your entire body? The same goes for a warm towel on a winter evening.

In a quest to produce a wearable device that could cool or warm you, the folks at embr labs have come up with the Wristify - the first bracelet that heats and cools you!

That bracelet on the left, the Wristify, glows blue while cooling and orange while heating you. Now that is cool style!
The Wearable AC's Story So Far

embr labs was founded by four MIT students who are passionate about finding ways for people to take control of their own comfort. After winning the first prize of the MADMEC competition at MIT, these good souls decided to go forward and make the Wristify bracelet a reality.

Has it been tried or is it all just a theory?

The commercial production and roll out to unsuspecting markets is yet to happen but we have a feeling that this could be available in stores in 2015. The Wristify has been tested on various people and here is a short video we found on their first experiences;

Wristify FAQ - embr labs

Does Wristify change my entire body's temperature? 

The bracelet provides heating or cooling to the wearer's skin at the press of a button. It isn't designed to affect the temperature of your entire body. Our comfort depends on a lot more than just core temperature, and we have drawn on the last 30 years of thermal comfort research to design a device for maximized comfort that is also discreet and energy-efficient.

How does Wristify work if it only acts on my wrist? 

Studies show that local warmth or cold leads gives you a body-wide sensation of thermal comfort. This is exactly what happens when you dip your toes in the cold water on a hot sunny day at the beach, or when you place a warm washcloth on your forehead on a cold evening.

Delhi summers? May afternoons in Chennai? Teeth chattering in Sikkim or Gulmarg? Just out of a Gym on a sunny street? We think those uncomfortable moments could all be history; and the best part? You don't need to get indoors or crank up that AC. Imagine the energy saving and its long term effects on building designs et al...

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