Thursday, February 5, 2015

Now What? Underwater Luxury Villas!

"With the increasing occurrence of flooding in the world, more houses have been unintentionally under water in recent years but villas to be launched in Dubai this weekend are meant to be submerged." 
- The National UAE

We were canoodling around the pathways of social media, looking for recent real estate news and suddenly came across this tweet;

Going a little deeper, we found that property developer from Dubai, the Kleindienst Group, which is developing the European islands under the name 'Heart of Europe,' is selling a handful of underwater (anchored?) villas with an initial price tag of Dh5 million (US$ 1.4 million). 

These villas, with one level below the water and two levels above it will have an area of 1,700 square foot and are expected to be completed in 2017. 

The European Islands, where the 'Underwater Villas' are going to be built and delivered by 2017, are part of The World - Dubai.

The World is a four-mile-wide artificial archipelago created off the coast of Dubai by dumping sand into the gulf and building really high end housing on top.

Now, according to the company that was contracted to run transportation to and from the islands to Dubai, the current of the Gulf is gradually pulling sand away from the fake islands, and the project is plagued with issues and slowly falling back into the sea. 

And we almost forgot, invitations for Saturday’s (07.02.2015) private launch event have been sent out to potential buyers. Just in case you are one of the people invited, let us quickly tell you that they do have a construction linked payment plan.



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