Friday, February 6, 2015

IREFD #1 to RBI #1 - Please Send Morphine. Over. *Static*

Mr. Raghuram Rajan
Governor, Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

Dear Sir,

You are an academician, an implementer and a visionary. You are the one who said Make for India.

As real estate professionals, we have been doing just that for ages. But we are Tired. Hurt. Lonely. And Broke.

When people (includes bankers) had money in their pockets, they thronged to us and bought anything we made. And now, most of what we make has no demand. Visionary real estate has suddenly turned into ridiculous real estate.

Yes. We have made a mistake. But we are a country. We are a huge organisation.

Yes. We welcome correction and realities.

Yes. We understand that some of us will not survive as real estate builders and professionals.

Whether we are left behind or picked up for surgery from the Indian battleground is mostly luck. We understand that as well.

But dying or healing, there is always something we can do to ease the pain, right?

Do. Your. Magic. Sir. :)

Best regards,

IREFD on behalf of India Real Estate Inc.

(In case this message reaches you and you are hard pressed for time, our creative team has put together a visual parallel of this letter. It travels with this message.)

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Note: This post originally appears on the IREFD Facebook Page. It was added to this blog later.


  1. Very Touching..
    I think Mr. Rajan acted on it by cutting Repo rate by 25 basis points, now it's on bankers to pass the benefit by lowering loan interest rates.
    I think you forgot to send a copy of the mail to the bankers :P

    1. Thanks for that comment Prateek. When I read about that 25 basis point cut, it did occur to me as well, but then, I guess its wishful thinking. We cannot be taken seriously! :)