Sunday, February 15, 2015

How to create internet breaking content by using just 3 lines of plain text!

This is an express blog post. It has been put together in record time. Please take a look at the LinkedIn screenshot below;

Image: LinkedIn Page Screenshot showing a status which a contact had commented on, bringing it to our feed as well.
Quick Analysis of the Screenshot showing a true blue viral post;

Content: Two and a half lines of text only. No image. No video. No body parts. Nothing.

Analysed at: Just 9 hours after the original post goes online on LinkedIn

Likes: Over 20,000

Comments: 25,392 (In just 9 darn hours!)

Intent of every comment: Hire me

Other probable headlines for this post;

#1. Can and Did Screenshot: What is job satisfaction

#2. Why are the happily employed folks not buying the homes we are building

#3. How to get 25 thousand CVs for that job without spending a single buck



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