Monday, February 2, 2015

Can and did Camera #4 - Prime Real Estate

If you were allowed to use just one image to explain the term 'Prime Real Estate' (yes, exactly like Kindergarten), we doubt there could be a better example than this;

#primerealestate: Why swamp your screen with text and numbers when one picture can say it all?

Avid birder, photographer and blogger denapple from Kentucky, USA photographed these magnificent Pelicans. By October every year, White Pelicans flock up to descend the Mississippi flyway towards the Gulf Coast where they spend the winter. 

For these long haul flyers, Reel Foot Lake is an attractive stop over point to rest and feed. And all those old cypress stumps jutting out of the water make perfect perches and well, prime real estate! 


The IREFD Team


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