Wednesday, January 21, 2015

For Sale - A 115 Bedroom, 4 Swimming Pool, 1594 Acre Estate @ INR 14,000 Psf only!

Medieval Castle near Siena. 
Siena 53011, Tuscany - Italy

Property Details

Bedrooms: 115 Full Baths: 100
Built Up Area: 154,139 Sq Ft. Total Land Area: 1,594 Acres 
Rate/ Sq. Ft: ₨ 14,039 / Sq. Ft. or 182 € / Sq. Ft. (Current date conversion rates apply)
Total Asking Price: INR 216 Crores/ 28,000,000 Eur

For more info and site visits: Call Mr. John Jonk (Details Here...)
Property Description and Images follow

This image and the rest on this page - Sothebys Realty

Despite the alterations and extensions that have occurred in the course of its history, this straight-out-of-a-fairy-tale Medieval Castle has retained the appearance of a real fortress. 

As you go through to the courtyard, with its charming loggia and gardens, the view of vineyards, olive groves and the typical Siena countryside is spectacular. 

The estate extends over 630 hectares not far from the medieval city of Siena, Tuscany. In fact one can see Siena from certain parts of the property. The Castle dominates its surroundings looking out over several of its farm houses that have been meticulously restored and given comfortable and luxurious interiors with big gardens, four large swimming pools and a tennis court. 

There are currently 18 hectares of vineyards but there is the potential to increase production up to 60 or 70 hectares. The vine varieties are Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Viognier. The property produces award winning wines and olive oil. There is an olive grove of 1,500 trees. 

Although some rooms were decorated in the 18th century, many remain medieval in their architectural style. 

The massive helpings of living space accompanied by stunning design and construction make this real estate ideal for the discerning folks who are looking for exclusivity on a global scale, whether full time or during their leisure or holiday seasons. 

The property would also be ideal for horses with 28 hectares of pasture and ample room for barns, hi tech stables and boxes. 

FYI, there are two lakes on the property for irrigation which are also used for fishing. If you are seeing this and have INR 200 Crores to spare, the next thing you should do is pick up that Vertu and call Mr. Jonk. We hear there are casks of amazing wine maturing in those cellars and they are all included in that asking price!


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We always wished to list a property up for sale on IREFD to complete the real estate blogging experience and to demonstrate the power of a simple, elegant and visually pleasing property listing. But for a website like ours; with a no advert or endorsement policy, finding a property worthy enough was difficult. Plus, we did not want to take the imaginary route. But here we are now. And oh yeah, Mr. Jonk up there does not log on to IREFD and Sotheby's Realty has no idea that we exist. ;)


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