Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A sales strategy that sold a million square feet of Real Estate!

Tall Residential Towers - India
And the unsold inventory in the market today calls for its implementation again!
Homes are not selling. Even if they are, the pace of sales is barely enough to manage the developers' petty cash. You need sales. As of yesterday.

What should you do?

Here is straight up advice without the bells and whistles, in true IREFD tradition.

When you start that sales call with a prospective real estate buyer, please listen with the intent of understanding and NOT with the intent of replying.

"Samajhdar ke liye ishara kaafi hai." - Old Jungle Saying.

Thank You!

(Stephen R Covey said that. So you should take a look at that more seriously.)


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  2. looking at the current scenario of the realty market, the sales have declined by almost 60%. so to boost the sales builders have decided top decline the prices. but the formula mentioned by you is the while handling the property buyer.

  3. Thanks for the blog,it is very informative,it will definatly help us in selling property in panaji