Sunday, August 18, 2013

Designers get pink slips as IREFD Social Media Strategy bombs!

We fire our designers after they botch up our design!
Social Media Reach and Facebook Likes Report - Indian Real Estate for Dummies (IREFD) 
We always had that uneasy feeling each time we logged in and checked for the number of likes on the Indian Real Estate for Dummies Facebook Page. Finally, when the price of Petrol started giving our number of Facebook page likes a run for it's money, we woke up and asked for a report on what was happening with our Social Media Reach strategy.

Abhijit, our youngest Rookie at IREFD was given the dirty job and look at the stunning report he produced. This is what top management wants. This is what separates the boys from the men. Making cutting edge reports like these takes courage, dedication, love for the company and above all, complete disregard for one's own job in the organization! Our man has all these qualities in abundance.

That said, we (and a lot of our readers) need some Social Media Strategy help to increase our reach and fan following (Heck, we work so hard and deserve it!). Tips and strategies that actually work will be given credit on this website and beer bottle caps as mementos. We are saving every single one of them from the farewell party we just threw for the old team of designers who had so far dished out our logos and communication.


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