Saturday, July 20, 2013

Planning a soil test for your site in New Town- Rajarhat, Kolkata? Test the waters first!

Our friend starts his soil test at Action Area 2, New Town, Kolkata
You have received final and 'peaceful' possession of your cooperative or individual plot from HIDCO at New Town, Rajarhat, Kolkata and you want to build yourself that dream home. That is the best news we heard all week. Totally.

So lets quickly check; you have found yourself an architect who has shown you a few practical designs that he has done, and you are convinced he is the man destined to design your dream home in New Town.

A close friend of ours was standing at the same juncture last week but he made one disastrous extra move forward. He decided to start a soil test at his plot in Action Area 2, New Town. The soil test would tell his architect and his engineers how the building should be designed to make it safe and durable for decades to come. That information would enable the architect to present our friend with a correct cost estimate. A couple of days back, a soil testing process was started at the plot by his architect's contractor. The picture you see above is not an artistic impression of his site. It is the real thing.

Halfway into the soil test routine and some tough looking people appeared out of nowhere and confronted the young men who were in charge of the test. These guardians of the soil at New Town started by accusing the labourers and the plot owner of various forms of incest in choice Hindi and Bengali words. (That is the nicest way we could portray the abuses freely used). Next, they broke down the labour tent and threw all that equipment out of the site.

"Only we work in New Town. And nothing here moves without our consent. So whether you want to do a soil test or dig a latrine, come to us. Or stay out!", our friend and his father were told over the telephone. Being the kind of people they are, they quickly chose the second option of staying out. For a few years at least.

How long will New Town, Kolkata take to come alive?

Unless some kind of radical settlement is reached between the authorities, the local people and all other parties concerned, no one is going to start building anything at Kolkata's prized crown jewel. When you drive down from the Airport towards Kolkata city via the wide New Town MAR - 1, you will see hundreds of acres of empty grassland all around, with a few high rise buildings here and there. Turns out all of that green land belongs to hundreds of people like our friend who have peaceful possession of their plots from HIDCO. Please note that 'peaceful' is only applicable till the moment you have not set foot on your owned land. Then, all hell will break loose.

What does this mean for your New Town real estate investment?

At IREFD, we are visionary blokes and we see another cool trend starting at New Town, Kolkata. The IREFD 'Bad dog ate up my bread' phenomenon. This one is a breeze to understand. Today, they do not let you walk on your owned land. They do not let you build your home. Tomorrow, they will simply take over your prized possession. Friend, while you are working hard, sacrificing, compromising, baby sitting and working nights to buy your home, the dogs are preparing for you to get old, become weak and tired and thus, offer no resistance when they walk into your homes and throw you out.

Now you know why there are so many people not buying retirement policies? They have a better plan. You!

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