Thursday, July 4, 2013

I want PVR or Cinepolis. The stuff we hear from mall builders in India!

You have not seen a new post here for a while. We were so moved and touched by Rahul's Father's Day Post that we got all busy doing you know what. Jokes apart, but its just that we had been travelling and holidaying and working in between.

A lot of mall developers call us or email us these days, asking us to find a cool multiplex operator for their upcoming mall. 'Cool', we have found out over time, means either PVR or Cinepolis! Everything else is a compromise of sorts. "You know the only multiplex brand that is suitable for this location and my mall is PVR. You must speak to PVR and get them to sign up with us. That is absolutely critical", a mall builder told us once. We hear that a lot more these days but with Cinepolis also figuring on that options list.

Stuff we hear from mall developers out there:

1) Irrespective of the movie playing, certain operators always have their houses full! So, get me 'that' deal!

2) If my mall's footfall per day is x, getting 'that' multiplex operator would make the footfall 3x. Now run.

3) There are 2 screens planned in my mall. And both of them have 200 seats each. Now, can you get me that deal?

4) There are 2 screens planned in my mall. And both of them have 200 seats each. I can make that 3 screens with 110 seats each if 'they' want that. Now, can you please get me that deal?

5) The multiplex floor slabs have been cast already. We cannot change anything now but our building design is the best in India. Can we have that deal now?.....

6) The other (If he wants PVR then the other guy is Cinepolis and vice versa) multiplex in this city is at the worst location known to mankind. My location is a hundred times better! Everyone knows it. So please get me that deal.

7) We will give them the basic structure and they can do the interiors, fit and finishes, screen and projection systems. We will give them all the support they need. But we cannot invest any money. That is the multiplex operator's job! Please stop wasting time and get me that deal.

8) This city will have at least 70% average occupancy. And weekends are 100%. Me and my wife never get tickets on weekends. Now please tell the multiplex guys that and get me that deal.

Are you getting the drift? And then there is the mother of all statements;

9) I have offers from 2 national and 2 regional multiplex brands. But I am not interested. So please get me that deal.

The funny thing is, the guys at PVR and Cinepolis seem to be enjoying all this attention and getting a little heady about it as well, making the mall developer's life even tougher. Lol.

Dear mall developer. You are in the business of building real estate. All you need to know is what you want from your real estate asset exactly. How much area are you going to allot to each kind of use, like food court, anchor retail, vanilla retail, cinema etc. and what lease revenues you expect from each of these areas. Once you know that, simply work towards it in an organised and focused way. The right operator for your property will find you.

Most of the times, you may never get tickets to a weekend show in your city simply because someone else told you so. If you were the kind who stood at the box office, bought tickets and really enjoyed the movies, you would probably have that deal. Yes. A PVR or a Cinepolis in your mall. Get the point?


To discuss your mall's multiplex area, write to Kaushik Das. He loves his movies and can direct you along the right path!


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