Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How to design a real estate brochure. No one ever told you this before! (Infographic)

The coolest guide to designing effective real estate brochures by IREFD
The coolest guide to designing effective real estate brochures and watching your sales soar 
In the distant past (meaning about 8 weeks ago), we published our massive public service post which showed you how to read a real estate advertisement. This time, we tell you how to design a real estate brochure in a way, that gives your residential project a massive edge over the competition.

Ask yourself this. When you were marketing your real estate project to a financial institution for that huge debt, did you use pictures of young couples lazing in their lavish bedrooms? Or a woman jogging down the track with a body you won't ever see in real life? Or moments of family bonding in the swimming pool? (That one really baffles us!) Probably not. You gave the loan men the facts, spelled out your plan, informed them of the risks and finished it off with a repayment schedule.

In the same way, real estate brochures for your project can should be much more effective and focussed on sales rather than being taken home from that expo and dumped in the trash can. The infographic above should form the wire frame for a such a real estate brochure. Creativity, preferably minimal, should be thrown to package all that content in a simple, intuitive layout. Try it. You will know what we mean.


(Clicking the image above should enlarge it we are told. Also, you can right click and 'Save image as' on your computer.)

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