Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Flowchart of a real estate project in India.

After seeing the numerous vanishing act real estate projects In India, especially in her smaller cities and towns, we have come across this fact. This is how numerous builders see real estate project development.

Real estate project Flowchart - India. 

Step 1 - Name project, design logo and get an elevation picture. Night view of the project's 3D rendering is a must.

Step 2 - Sell

Step 3 - Resell

Step 4 - Advertise the Group name. In India we have only groups. Nothing less.

Step 5 - Hike up price as soft launch is over. Now sell phases 2 to 67.

Step 6 - Start building the property

Step 7 - Divert some funds and buy cheap land 460 km from the city because that is the future location.

Step 8 - Build some more.

Step 9 - Get the necessary approvals if needed. Many approvals seem to be optional in our country.

And this is how the story gets muddy. Dear first time builders, please ask us for a proper Flowchart. This one seems to be harming the entire real estate industry in India.

Remember that Wren n Martin book? Yeah the red one. On some page in there it said 'A stitch in time saves nine'.



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