Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What will your construction cost per square foot be in India? We find out!

a note on construction costs in india 2013
Construction Cost Per Sq ft = Rs. 2300.
Thank you.

(To find out how a bunch of stupid guys like ourselves got to that figure, read on. . .)

How much will it cost to construct, brother? In our professional lives as real estate dudes in the booming (Booming eh? - Rahul) real estate market of India, we confront this question everyday! Yes, everyday. From wherever we have come and joined hands at this slave driving organisation, we have different figures and benchmarks in our heads.

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Even in some of the top real estate builder companies of India, we have seen different estimates of construction costs by different people. The components of construction costs too vary from company to company and there is no Gold Standard as such for these costs! Surprising yet true, construction costs in India is something that everyone knows. Ask a layman and he will tell you that the building in front of you would have cost Rs. 1,000 per square foot to construct. It is easy. However, we tell you that this is the most vague term out there and there are no correct figures, to go by. So we did a little snooping around for answers the other day. We present our stupid report below;

Assumptions - What are we constructing. From when.

# Residential apartments building
# Ground plus seven (G+7) to Ground plus nine (G+9) in height
# Standard premium fits and finishes. (Not imported marble flooring et al but the nice stuff)
# All statutory building requirements fulfilled to the maximum
# Construction Starts - April 2013
# Construction Time - 30 Months
# Start to finish. As in from the site possession to key handover to owner.
# Pure construction costs. Approvals, legal, marketing and other costs are extra.


We made telephone calls to engineers, brokers, builders and some hardcore construction folks. We chose to call only those who were experienced, had proven deliveries backing what they were saying, and had worked across India. Of course, we are banking on close relationships with them as well, knowing that a stranger would not quite start babbling figures to us.

Facts - Construction costs in India

#Call 1. Mr. GSB
Bio: Almost 2 decades in the construction industry. Construction experience in multiple countries. Helped construct and deliver over 10 million Square feet of space in India.
Costs: Rs. 3000 per Square foot to construct the above. Rs. 3300 if there is a basement added. Keeping in mind that you are starting the process in April 2013, that is roughly what it will cost you by the time you finish, which he assumed would be end of 2015.

#Call 2. Mr. AH
Bio: 15 years of constructing residential buildings of all sizes, sorts and finishes. Experience of managing costs, procurement and all else as far as construction goes. Heads one of the leading residential brands of India.
Costs: Rs. 2500 per Square foot to construct the above specifications. Kept harping that premium finishes was a very vague term and that finishes could add immense costs to the entire amount. After much talking and zeroing in on specs, he gave us that figure. Okay we say.

#Call 3. Mr. AS
Bio: 10 years on the street as a real estate broker. Runs his own setup now with 5 side kicks and is handling 3 large projects on exclusive selling basis. Has been part of the concepts team for more than 10 large residential projects as the sales head.
Costs: Rs. 2000 per Square foot. Period. Builders love to give out escalated costs to show that profits are not as large as common knowledge. But if you start now, it will not cost you more than that, he affirms.

#Call 4. Mr. SC
Bio: Think tank with a salt and pepper receding hair line and all. A great tea lover. Has worked for the best construction houses in India and continues to work for one of those. Planned and delivered over 5 million Square feet of real estate including 2 satellite townships!
Costs: Rs. 2100 per Square foot is what it should cost if you start now. Thanks. *beep* *beep* line goes busy. So you know how absolutely sure he was about that.

#Call 5. Mr. SJ
Bio: A decade in real estate as the VC of a big real estate brand. Practically started the venture himself. Delivered many projects in the specs range we are talking of here. A knowledge hub for all things real estate. We turn to him for stuff such as this!
Costs: Rs. 1700 to 1800 per Square foot. Take it from the horse's mouth. Thanks SJ, we trust you.

Cost Conclusion

The construction cost ranges now from Rs. 1700 to Rs. 3000 per square foot for constructing the above specifications. You cannot really average that out would probably just need to average that out and you dummy bias it a bit and come to the figure of Rs. 2300 a square foot. That is what you should assume as your construction cost while you churn out that excel or that quick fingertip calculation.


About the author
Rahul Mishra is a real estate professional who started his life as a salesman, selling homes in the city of Kolkata since 2001. He worked pan India in real estate organisations like MMG Realty, Bengal Shrachi, The Phoenix Mills and The Space Group before helping co found Pillars with a single objective - To make real estate easy!

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We would love your comments on this one. If you have a figure in your mind and have something to say about that, please feel free to us the comments box below. We are listening. :)


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  2. Hi
    I am planning for self construction of 2000-2500 sq feet area in Neral G+1 or G+2
    How much it should cost

  3. Thanks, Great info, just what i was looking for!
    was talking to a veteran in the industry yesterday (reg a specific villa type house he had built) it was completed 3years back and cost rs.1,500 per sq.ft. and now would be around 1700-1750, and also added that since the quality of materials- steel and esp sand had come down over the years, one needs to add thicker steel rods and more cement than the normal ratio, to compensate for the deterioration in quality.
    and i may add that this is in Tellicherry, a coastal town in the North of Kerala, and the house referred above is constructed on platform raised approx. 1.5 feet from the ground/road level. guess location also affects costs?

  4. I HAD THE DREAM again the other night, the "extra room" dream. It's very difficult to find your dream home in costly places such as Maharashtra. Neral and Panvel is going to be rising real estate places in maharashtra I am looking for dream yet budget flats in Neral

  5. does that cost include all the expence like bribe to government officials for different NOCs and OCs and also structural approval and all such other government approval...................and also does it include the cost of plot buying .....please do revert with good suggestion

  6. Really Very Informative post, just want to know why there is huge price difference in Delhi and Mumbai home prices in terms of price per square feet.

    1. Price includes land cost, various other development costs, approvals, marketing, profits etc. Construction cost is also a part of that price. In different parts of the country, many portions of the costs vary. Land cost being the biggest factor. So as a thumb rule, higher land cost = higher final price.

  7. Hi rahul how much can be the cost of constructing 1500 sqft house excluding the land cost? and if its G+2 or G+1 how much it could cost

    1. Hi Rajeshwar rao cost of construction will depends on particular city with material costs in that particular area so in hyd now it is around 1200-1500 rs per sft (slab area) for more details can mail me to shri(certified civil engineer)

  8. I am looking for a reputed constructor in Pune who can give me a turnkey solution to my housing requirement . Size approx 2000 sq ft

  9. We can do it for you
    parag chopada spectrum consultants

  10. I have 20 cents land near Amalapuram, AP and looking to build around 6000 sq ft. What is the average per sq ft cost going to be? Also I am looking for a good builder to plan and build my house.

  11. Dear Rahul,

    What should be construction cost excluding land cost for a 100 Mt. 928 storied Towers, consisting of two flats per floor of around 3000 sq.ft. per flat, with high class amenities?

    The Builders are quoting Rs. 5000.00 per sq.ft. What is your take on it? Please reply.

    1. INR 5000 per square feet for a high rise with premium amenities sounds like a good deal. The costs are real and at that price, you have a better chance of that project getting finished if it has not already been. Thanks for taking out the time and writing in.

  12. Any ideas on the cost to build and maintain a swimming pool ( 20' by 15') ?

  13. Hi Rahul,
    I have 500 sq mtrs land in Goa. Planning to build a 300 sq ft contemporary eco friendly home with basement and ground + 1 with premium fittings. What do you think should be the construction cost? Presumably land cost is not an issue here as I already own the land?

  14. Dear Rahul Sir,
    We have a plot of 6000 square feet (Approx.) at my home town in UP. Dimensions: North-61 Feet, East-100 Feet, South 67 Feet, West- 90 feet,

    The constructed are on every floor will be 47’ x 76.5’. Please help me evaluate the approximate cost.

  15. dear Rahul Sir we are the leading manufacturer of Eco Friendly construction material clc bricks nothing but light weight Cellular bricks making machinery.. please advise to green construction.. our website light weight bricks making machinery in india

  16. Aaryaman Yadav; what could be approx per sq feet construction cost if I go for stilt +3 floor house on my HUDA plot in Gurgaon. Pl advise me every thing including cost line structure, electricity, plumbing, painting wood work etc.

  17. Hello sir ,
    I have a plot size of 1350 sq ft ( 30by 45 ) in najafgarh delhi and i want to build a house ground +1 what it will cost me

  18. Hi im having land around 55000 sq.ft in the heart of city in jaunpur utter pradesh I wanna give my land to developers for mall on 60/40 ratio if any guide will be appreciated thanx.gaurav singh mail id

  19. Hi, I want to demolish rebuild our old 200 sq yd home as a contemporary home, in new delhi as a G+1/2+parking . Land is free hold. not flats. Hopefully 2017 start. Any ideas of a range. Will also like to make as much of a green home as possible without compromising quality or comfort. Any ideas for a price range ? Will really appreciate your input.

  20. Hello dear sir
    I am residing in dwarka plote size is 18 front 60 foot depth . Free hold plote but both side open my requirement or need 6×6×6=216 foot sceptic tank 2nd is 5000 ltr water tank in ground 3rd lift 4th stair or balcony ss grill 5th winior flush door 6th modular kitchen 7th Modular electrical fittings Bathroom jaguar or hinwere fittings with finolex fire proof fittings Tils fittings in flore Asian OBD etc pls suggest expenses please sir